Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Me laekem Vanuatu tumas!

In the past month, I have: climbed a coconut tree and opened a coconut for myself; drank kava with the chief of Tanoliu village; swam among octopi and eel in some of the most breathtaking sand beaches the world has to offer; held an endangered sea turtle; caught, killed, and roasted a wild chicken; planted a community garden; encountered spiders bigger than my hand; seen fruits and plants I can't even begin to describe; and eaten (almost) nothing but fresh foods since the day I got here.   Suffice it to say (in Bislama), mi laekem Vanuatu tumas! Translation: I love Vanuatu!

Now, here's a picture of me with my host brother's horse! 


  1. You sure look good! I'm not sure that horse is up to carrying you, however. Exactly were are you located and is it permanent?

  2. Right now, I'm in Tanoliu village, but I'm leaving for my permanent site in three weeks. I don't know yet where my permanent site will be.

  3. Awesome! Seems you've also discovered one of the bonuses of life on a tropical island: THE FRESH FRUIT!!!! I just had to change villages and am no longer by the coast . . . which means no coconuts! :(

    Sounds like your training is going well and keeping you busy. Best of luck with the move to your permanent site!